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About the author Julian.

My name is: Julián Bonome González and I was born in 1977 in the month of March.

One of my passions is to fight against aging and achieve happiness and if I have to die, I hope that my last days are happy until death.

What I write on this website is somewhat related to my personal life and what I try, by writing the articles, is that I can share my experience of the bad things that happen to me and how it can be reversed.

Sometimes to achieve happiness, we only need good health, as if we were young, but often as the years go by, life is punished, with plagues or diseases and what I believe most, we lack information. Sometimes, learning new things or good information can add a lot to our lives, fighting pests and diseases, but we lack that information, which I believe is the magic wand or the good tool of a mechanic. Information, the tools of the brain.

The truth is that I have no studies, either in medicine or biology, but something is learned over time, whether by word of mouth or from the internet, but I think it is not enough, that’s why I named it metaphysics. and what I believe, about metaphysics, but I cannot prove, is to understand the most spiritual life or the magic that hides or we do not understand about a cell.

What I write on this website may sound like science fiction, but I called it metaphysics. Also what I write, I think may be true, but I don’t know what you can think. Some articles I wrote, over time I realized, that I was wrong, but I keep trying.

There may be a season when nothing occurs to me, because I am quite satisfied, but time makes us change and discovers all its magic, here, on earth.

Well this is all, I hope you like my stories, which I tell here and I hope it can be of help.

Greetings Julian.