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Wisdom tooth, teeth, change of teeth.

When we are born, teeth appear over time and they emerge with a defined cellular constitution.

From the age of 18 the last tooth can emerge and it may be of a different constitution due to unstable climatic changes.

It can be said that population growth can define a climate, with more resources for cells and the lack of resources such as water, can produce a lot of stress.

This change in climate can affect vitamin D, which is why the cellular constitution of the teeth is related to vitamin D. On the other hand, if water resources reduce vitamin D, it may be necessary to change teeth at a certain age and if you do not change them in climate they are stable for the population.

Also substances that cause sudden atmospheric changes could define the teeth according to consumption, which is why it is very difficult to change teeth, but it may be possible even at 50 years of age.

Sometimes there may be symptoms of the birth of a tooth to replace the lost ones, but it can be very slow and take many years, if the future climate is not conditioned.

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