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The origin of insect life.

A simple herpes pimple on the skin does not leave the skin until it melts and releases insect eggs from the cellular radiation of giant cells in the upper layers of the atmosphere and then the eggs descend into the atmosphere towards the earth. of insects that then cross each other at birth and vary in their danger.

Depending on the virus, it may be the breed of an insect.

In schizophrenia, the loss of sight of these insects that can fly extremely quickly over time and then be seen again occurs a lot.

Some insects can play tricks and inject us with their venom and pimples can appear in some cases that never seem to go away or we distrust bacteria.

For these grains to ballate, it is important to modify chromosomes that open the hole through which it was injected, since it heals and more sequences of chromosomes that spit out or expel the poison through the hole through which it was ejected.

The heart sequences that lower the heart rate are to reduce the poisonous effect.

Another thing to take into account are moles on the skin, which may indicate insect viruses of poisonous origin, because insect venom is an extreme symptom of extreme temperature, which is noticeable on the skin and in the atmosphere, causing moles. It may be due to the poison that the insect can give rise to or it may be a symptom of survival of the insect babies without atmospheric water. As we age, these moles are covered by the rise in atmospheric water, but the viruses become more violent.

Some insect babies are covered and cannot be seen due to the atmospheric water content and the moles could create radiation that favors the survival of the insect baby and they can also be seen sometimes more in summer.

Another curiosity about the speed of flying insects is that, when they lose speed they also lose sight and for example, it is difficult for them to see glass and spiders usually appear to take advantage of it with their web. It could be said that once they lose speed, it is difficult for them to pick it up again and they tend to be visible, they mate more and they could or may change their diet, since, of the young, they tend to feed more on bacteria.

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