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Iron. Magnesium. Sodium. What functions does it have in cells?

Article updated 07/07/2024

A simple herpes pimple on the skin does not leave the skin until it melts and hatches insect eggs from the cellular radiation of cells in the atmosphere.

Depending on the virus, it may be the breed of an insect.

In schizophrenia, the loss of sight, sometimes of baby flies flying, often happens. These insects that can hatch extremely quickly over long periods of time and then appear again when they rest and if they are dangerous and poisonous, are surely slower and more visible due to the variations of viruses that affect them, due to the causes of danger, such as It could be a spider, it is slow and visible, however the baby fly is fast and harmless and the adult fly is slower and more visible.

I say schizophrenia because seeing and disappearing flies can be psychologically hard.

Some insects can play tricks and inject us with their venom and pimples can appear in some cases that no matter how much you point them with a scalpel, they come back. This is because the chromosome DNA is misconfigured, since it could have been a bite from an insect, for example, a spider, which has a very destructive effect on cell tissues, even losing a limb, which is why in these cases there is You have to configure the DNA of the chromosomes in such a way that it expels the poison and if this works, the grain becomes softer and the holes appear through which the poison entered.

Another thing to take into account are moles on the skin, which may indicate insect viruses of poisonous origin, because insect venom is an extreme symptom of extreme temperature of the melanocytes, which is noticeable on the skin and in the atmosphere, causing moles. It may be due to the poison that the insect can give rise to or it may be a symptom of survival of the insect babies without atmospheric water. As we age, these moles are covered by the rise in atmospheric water, but the viruses become more violent.

Some curiosities that hurt about insects are that, for example, when we have a mature bacteria in an eye and the flies approach the bacteria, it can scare the bacteria and it can cause perforations from the outside to the inside of the eye, to hide, causing discomfort and sometimes heavy.

Another magic trick is when a television has many frames per second and the baby insects catch the message and become more adult or it may be that they only catch messages in very fast sequences of frames or audio that can even scare them.

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