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Red blood cells, melanocytes, fats and sleep.

The increase in the level of red blood cells could increase fat consumption, causing more activity of melanocytes to dissolve fat from adipose tissue.

This effect can also cause a rise in the temperature of the atmosphere and blood and the fats in the blood become more liquid and less solid, causing an optimal effect for the muscles.

This effect would be optimal, but it could reduce sleep when we sleep up to 4 hours or loss of deep sleep due to more neuronal activity, thanks to oxygen due to more red blood cells, causing fat loss in the neurons and these fat losses reduce sleep. And when we have fewer red blood cells it could cause more time in deep sleep and more hours of sleep.

Actually, the melanin of the melanocytes when it passes into the blood is what gives temperature to the blood plasma and that temperature is what keeps the fats more liquid, causing a less deep sleep and when the blood runs out of melanin, the blood plasma loses temperature. and fats become more solid, causing deeper sleep.

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