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Feeding stress, and natural death of species.

Article updated on 06/01/2024

When we eat, the food can contain viruses specific to the species.

When food passes into cells, these molecules ignite, ionize atmospheric water for metabolization and produce certain molecular flavors and digestive relief is when it produces the salts it eliminates.

This effect can create a traumatic or stressful or toxic effect due to the molecular taste in digestive processes and a change in diet can be an option to eliminate stress or its toxicity.

Toxic relief from food is when the molecules end up in salts and the body odor of salts can be different depending on the diet or different salts.

Food flavors or molecules can contain a menu of lots of molecular debris and can produce hallucinations. For example, eating a pork steak can produce acorn salts and this effect can be noticed in younger people and producing salts can sometimes create cellular luminosity and very visible dreams. spends the relief of genes where it is loaded with gases and water.

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