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Melanocytes. Gray hair, how to reverse it? and more features.

Article updated 06/13/2024 1:02 pm Spain time.

Melanocytes can fulfill the role of many cellular cases such as, for example, molecular and cellular anti-inflammatory effect, maintaining optimal and liquid blood plasma and feeding, due to their effects in the earth’s atmosphere, the oxygen muscles that the atmosphere produces when molecules dissolve. They can also dissolve fats from adipose tissue due to the effect of body temperature.

Melanocytes make two types of melanin, melanin for sugars or carbohydrates and melanin for fats.

Cells can become inflamed with sugars and fats and types of melanin help their breakdown. When molecules are broken down or cellular inflammation decreases, the water in the atmosphere releases oxygen, haze is produced, the water dissolves and generates heat, until a new cellular inflammation occurs. The released oxygen helps to swell or inflate the muscle cells and the molecular breakdown leaves an empty site in the cells, where melanin particles and molecular debris replace the molecular composition of the cells, for example, hair cells and cells. skin cells.

Melanin is very aggressive particles and its effect can be due to burning of mineral remains of molecules or heat that it causes in melanocyte cells.

Another factor to take into account is that an imbalance between fats and sugars due to the effect of DNA sequences or chromosomes, for example, too many fats in cells, melanin is not able to dissolve them and the cells can become excessively inflamed, if there is no certain doses of sugars, that is why it is important to repair DNA sequences and balance sugars and fats.

Gray hair is the case of the latter, where the fat proportions are higher. By regulating the proportions of fats and sugars, plus melanin for sugars and melanin for fats, which help reduce inflammation and break down molecules, white or gray hair could be reversed.

It must be taken into account that melanocytes work more with the cold atmosphere full of atmospheric water, relieving the effects of anxiety and cellular inflammation depending on the number of melanocytes. Heat waves caused by melanocytes in the atmosphere could reduce the number of melanocytes over time due to melanin abortion processes.

It must be taken into account that giant cells or cells from adults, when they descend from space, their inflammation ionizes salt water in the atmosphere and mixes with the fresh water of cells that ascend and become inflamed. It could be said that the water that comes out of higher layers is saltier and the water that rises from lower layers is sweeter until it reaches a certain height. Also say that the flu descends from high layers or high cells and if it is fought it could cause atmospheric changes or also inflamed cells due to stress.

For the melanocytes to work and color the hair, it is necessary to collect atmospheric water, preferably fresh, and fight the flu of infected cells at high atmospheric altitude, feeding on dead viral remains, which are activated by a drop in temperature.

Fresh water is produced by cells by a molecular effect at low atmospheric altitude and this fresh water can alleviate the effect of giant cells or reduce their dominance at high altitudes. Also, fresh water produced by the molecular effect of some cells, (not due to inflammation), could relieve hypertension since more salts are eliminated by the kidney or CO2 by the lung and its effect on the atmosphere is a sudden loss of water. at low and high altitude, due to the effect of light sources in the atmosphere, which cause mineral remains that do not end up in salts and are from melanin abortions and as if they were stars (Effects of salts that are eliminated, mainly from the salts that end up in the kidney) and this effect could reduce the number of melanocytes.

It could also happen that the atmospheric water rises a lot in the atmosphere, incapacitating the melanocytes due to their low number of melanocytes, which were lost in the summer season, possibly causing cellular thickness, which is noticeable in the skin and increasing the number of melanocytes in winter could create an escalated or seasonal temperature rise.

Stress can be interpreted as bad sleep and its effect can slow down the metabolism of melanocytes. When the atmosphere warms or the cells lose inflammation and salts, the senses, hearing, taste and touch increase and the signals that reach the brain are greater, and signals can reach the brain, which create bad sleep or stress and to relieve it in aging, The body needs molecules that inflame cells and prevent molecular wear and tear created by the number of melanocytes and relieve stress thanks to inflammation, which reduces the capacity of the senses. But this effect reduces the activity time of the melanocytes and could cause white hair and to avoid this we could say that: a healthy and moderate sleep could cause more activity of the melanocytes and this effect is noticeable with more atmospheric light and heating.

When fighting stress or bad dreams, sometimes the anti-inflammatory effect created by the brain and its dreams and that affects tissue cells, can produce atmospheric changes that determine the number of melanocytes.

Thick melanin causes a reddish tone in the cells. This effect, for example, can be noticed in the melanin of the eyes. When there is a lot of melamine, it eliminates thick mineral remains because it cannot complete its process due to atmospheric changes, which causes discomfort in the eyes and the color of the eyes becomes lighter or brighter. dark depending on the weather. This effect can create bolides or compounds that are eliminated in the upper layers of the atmosphere or lose gravity (the bolides are melanin in the blood). But this effect happens due to too much melamine and when the melanin begins to be scarcer, a lighter tone of color can be acquired in the hair and the melanocytes begin to heat up less and the melanin is less aggressive due to the burn of the thick skin effect.

All this is for stress relief and the anti-inflammatory effect it causes. But new dreams can cause an inflammatory effect and hinder the metabolism of the melanocyte or a new cycle of the melanocyte.

Laser hair removal could also increase the levels of bolides and if you don’t know the amount of bolides you need you could reduce it a lot by eliminating it with genes and it could cause grayness or white hair since the bolides or good melanin end up in co2 producing a taste or sensation acidic at times. This effect in the atmosphere is not developed and the bolides in the blood or atmosphere could be eliminated by other cells and transformed into CO2 and cause white or gray hair. Also, racing cars, if they are not transformed or eliminated with CO2, over time have a cycle that produces a lot of atmospheric water and may be the most, since it helps dreams. Psoriasis can also be a deficiency of melanocytes in the tumor, because the skin cells absorb aggressive molecules to survive without melanocytes.

Another thing to take into account is the mineral remains from the process of melanocytes and cell molecules. These mineral remains have a hard time breaking down the genes into the form of melanin for optimal color and the inflammatory effect could be greater and whiten the hair. .

This whole story is very good, but what can do the most to reverse white hair are viruses from the fungal family, which thanks to them infect melanocyte cells, causing small DNA sequences in the melanocyte that help break down tiny molecules formed previously and defectively by the melanocyte and these help decomposition, dividing optimal melamine with hair color and waste substances for the fungal family virus.